Translate your website in seconds.

Easy and reliable translation management for your website or software. Translate, review and publish your website without hassles and minimal configuration.

Why Authentick Translate?

No programming knowledge required for configuration.

Authentick Translate can automatically translate your website within a few seconds without complex installations and configurations on the code level of your homepage. Enable your entire team to work on the content of your website at any time - without complex system administrator tasks.

No technical knowledge is required.
Can be used by your entire team.
Setup finished in seconds.

Automatic scan of the content to be translated

With Authentick Translate, your website will be automatically scanned for content to be translated. Changes are also automatically detected, minimizing the risk of untranslated content. So your translated homepage is always up to date.

Compatible with 99% of all existing homepages.
Always up to Date with zero effort.

Efficient and fast translation with ML

To translate your website into another language as quickly as possible, we support you with world's best machine learning translation solutions.

State of the Art Machine Learning
Over 20 different languages supported
Context-based translation

Manual reworking

You can adapt the ML-supported translation to your own needs at any time and readjust it if necessary.

Intuitive editor for editing translations
Review and publish translations
Better collaboration
Keep track of changes and suggestions

Cooperation with professional human translators

In case you want to have a human check of the quality of your translation in addition to the ML-assisted translation and its own adjustments, you can order it directly from Authentick Translate. We work with professional translation agencies that can check, improve or even completely take over your translations.

Visual Editor

Sometimes it can be helpful to see your website while translating it. With our visual editor, you can see changes and translations right on the spot.

Search-Engine Optimisation

SEO adjustments for your homepage are made automatically by Authentick Translate and without further technical interventions. Your target group will always see the content in the correct language for their respective region.

No additional effort required.
Direct your customers to the correct language automatically.

Works with

...and 99% of all other static websites based on known web standards.

All logos and trademarks are owned by their respective owner.


Plans that scale with your needs.


For testing

What’s included:
2,000 words
2,000 views/month
1 user
1 language
Manual translation


What’s included:
10,000 words
10,000 views/month
1 user
1 language
Automatic translation


What’s included:
100,000 words
20,000 views/month
2 users
5 languages
Automatic translation

Go all in

What’s included:
1,000,000 words
1,000,000 views/month
5 users
10 languages
Automatic translation


  • Unlimited users and languages
  • Custom features
  • Dedicated support


  • Free access
  • For open source projects only

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