Announcing Authentick Translate

Today we would like to announce Authentick Translate. Allowing you to internationalize your websites quickly and easily.

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Today we would like to announce Authentick Translate. With our first product, we want to position our company in a market where overcoming language barriers and internationalization is becoming more critical.

If your project or company has a website that needs to be translated in 2021, you are facing a big problem:

  • How do I manage to translate the texts quickly, efficiently, and without mistakes?
  • How do I manage to keep changes on my homepage always up to date on the translated page?
  • How do I publish translated homepages easily and with good search engine optimization?

For all these challenges, we provide the right answer with Authentick Translate. It has never been so easy to translate your website and publish it in many languages simultaneously. In the development of this product, it was essential for us to pay attention to simplicity and usability so that the barrier for beginners is as low as possible, but the functionality is still high.

In summary, there were a few basic usability rules:

  • No programming knowledge is required for configuration.
  • Automatic scan of the content to be translated
  • Efficient and fast translation with Machine Learning
  • Manual reworking
  • Cooperation with professional human translators
  • Visual Editor
  • Search Engine Optimizations

Authentick Translate is now available as an early access version. You can request access here. Details on pricing and discounts for the open-source community can be found here.

Authentick was founded in 2021 by Lukas Reschke, Xheni Myrtaj and Marius Blüm. We are a team of passionate software engineers and cloud enthusiasts. With privacy and security in mind, we develop and provide reliable solutions for your projects. We are an international team from Switzerland, Albania, and Germany. We are pragmatic problem solvers - and always looking for new and exciting projects.

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